Doen Creative is a New Paltz based design studio centered on the powerful idea of putting inspiration and creativity to work. We help launch new brands and revitalize old ones by creating honest, hands-on, and human designs.



Get inspired

“Get Inspired”, our life philosophy as well. Life ain’t much if not filled with inspiration and what can inspire us more than actually following through with an idea.

Be creative

Expanding creativity beyond any prior limits allows us to not just keep living and working as an inspired being but also create that spark in other people.

Take initiative

Make your a idea reality. We do our work with passion. When working with others, sharing this is one of the most important elements.


Everybody has a feeling. What it means is different for each individual, but the shared vibe is the same. Get inspired, be creative, take initiative, DOEN!

What we do



Transferring your idea to the target group. This requires strategy and mobilization of diverse media resources. Building up an image that is composed of long-term consistent communication . The idea is the basis to continually fall back to.



 Sometimes it just takes small changes to reinvent. Design (something) again in a different way. Revise. Repurpose. Redesign. We balance message, shape, color and composition to create an aesthetic capable of communicating your objective to the target audience.



We leverage the online medium as if it were a brand’s most powerful tool. It often is! We strategize, then design graphics for the website and oversee its production.


DOEN designs brochures, sales materials, annual reports, newsletters, promotions, magazines, announcements, corporate gifts, and other unique creations.


DOEN can also help you develop a creative communication concept for your event by designing, invitations, advertisements, and promotional materials.


Let us supplement your collateral with original photography. Our prints look as professional as stock photos but will be entirely unique to your brand.

What do you need to take the next step?


We always ask the question ' What do you need to take the next step?' 

Coming up with ideas is not the hardest part – it’s to give ideas meaningful context, a reality check, momentum and continuity. 

Whether it is for a new business idea, strategy, branding, product development, communication or more… We realize the possibilities that turn ideas and ambitions into action. We explore where your business can grow or choose one area and focus deeply on it. Every business needs a plan, a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how you are going to reach them.

Defining your goals, setting yourself apart, and surrounding yourself with the right people are only the first steps. Building a powerful brand is vital to differentiate you from your competitors, but there’s more to branding than having a memorable logo and design. Every sprouting startup should be thinking about the message they want to send to their audience from the very beginning. Your business idea may be extraordinary, but how will you stand out among your many competitors?

What's your story?

At Doen Creative we'd love to be part of it and help you shape your future brand.


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